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What is it?

Makes difficult connections easy!

Under Cabinet lights

This picture was sent in by a satisfied customer.

He told us the wire for the under-cabinet LED strip lights was too short to reach the counter top.

He was able to use SolderM8 to act as an extra pair of hands while he made this perfect connection.

Baseboard Lights

Another happy customer.

This picture was a customer who told us that the wire was so short in his install that it would of been near impossible to make this connection without getting his fingers burnt or damaging the base board.

He was extremely satisfied with how easy SolderM8 made this installation.

SolderM8 in your tools

Here is a picture of SolderM8 in the pocket of a tool bag. This demonstrates how small it is and how easy it is to transport with your everyday tools. You will always have it with you when the time comes for the LED install.