Why Soldering is still the best way to make Connections to LED tape light, over connectors

Soldering wires is the preferred method for professionals that handle Connections with LED tape lights or any other electrical components for that matter. When joined using solder, a connection is more vibration resistant and has better durability when it comes to corrosion.


Soldering is the best way to make Connections to LED Lights

 Nevertheless, many DIY enthusiasts choose not to solder connections, viewing it as time-consuming and difficult compared to other affordable options.

Solder is a conductive material that melts around 400 degree Fahrenheit and allows two pieces of metal to connect in a circuit. while soldering is very reliable, it can take a lot of time if you have many different connections to make. That is why the SolderM8 product has made such work into a simple task for anyone with a little know how.

A great point made by David lang from Corte Madera is "It takes much less time to make a proper soldered connection…than chasing down a poor, intermittent connector later. If you don’t have time to do it Right, then when will you have time to do it Again?"

We agree 100%! I've been an Electrician for 18 years and our company has had to give up on LED strip light connectors. On more than one occasion we would have to eat the cost of a call back due to failing connectors resulting in lights not working.

Do it right the first time around, save time and money by using solderM8

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